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ماژول شبکه enc28j60 Ethernet blue

  • The network interface board HR911105A
  • Chip board ENC28J60/SS
  • Size:5 x 2 x 1.5cm /1.92 x 0.72inch
  • 3.3 V power supply pin
  • The board 25MHZ crystal

68,800 تومان

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ENC28J60 Ethernet LAN Network Module

Microchip's ENC28J60 is a 28-pin, 10BASE-T stand alone Ethernet Controller with on board MAC & PHY, 8 Kbytes of Buffer RAM and an SPI serial interface. With a small foot print package size the ENC28J60 minimizes complexity, board space and cost. Target applications include VoIP, Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Home Control, Security and Instrumentation

General: - IEEE 802.3 compatible Ethernet Controller - Integrated MAC and 10BASE-T PHY - 8 Kbyte Transmit/Receive Packet Dual Port Buffer SRAM - Programmable Automatic Retransmit on Collision - Programmable Padding and CRC Generation - Programmable Automatic Rejection of Erroneous Packets Buffer: - Configurable transmit/receive buffer size - Hardware managed circular receive FIFO - Byte-wide random and sequential access - Internal DMA for fast memory copying - Hardware assisted IP checksum calculation PHY: - Wave shaping output filter - Loopback mode MAC: - Support for Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast packets - Programmable pattern matching of up to 64 bytes within packet at user defined offset - Programmable wake-up on multiple packet formats, including Magic Packet®, Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast, specific packet match or any packet Packaging: - SOIC - SPDIP - SSOP - QFN 6x6 mm

  • Six Interrupt Sources and One Interrupt Output Pin
  • ۲۵MHz Clock Input Requirement
  • Clock Out Pin with Programmable Prescaler
  • Operating Voltage of 3.3v
  • ۵V Tolerant Inputs
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C Industrial, 0°C to +70°C Commercial
  • ۲۸-Pin SPDIP, SSOP, SOIC, QFN Packages