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افزاینده 250 وات step up boost

  • ماژول مبدل DC-DC افزاینده قابلیت تنظیم جریان و ولتاژ خروجی ولتاژ ورودی 8/5 ولت تا 48 ولت ولتاژ خروجی 10 ولت تا 50 ولت جریان خروجی 8 آمپر توان 250 وات محافظت در مقابل اضافه جریان


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شناسه محصول: 00000354785 دسته: , , برچسب: , ,
آخرین به روز رسانی :
اسفند ۳۰, ۱۳۹۹ @ ۴:۴۱ ب.ظ


  • Module properties: Non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)
    Input voltage : DC8.5V-48V
    Input current : 10A (MAX) exceeds 8A please enhance heat dissipation
    Quiescent current : 10mA (12V liter 20V , the output voltage , the higher the current will increase too quiet )
    Output voltage : DC 10-50V continuously adjustable
    Output current : 10A MAX exceed 6A please enhance heat dissipation.
    Constant range : 0.2-8A
    Output Power : = input voltage * 10A
    Temperature: -40 - + 85 ℃ ( ambient temperature is too high , please enhance heat dissipation )
    Operating frequency : 150KHz
    Conversion efficiency : MAX 96%
    Overcurrent protection : Yes ( input exceeds 13A, automatically reduces the output voltage , have a range of error . )
    Input reverse polarity protection: Yes, ( less than 5A as the need for more in the reverse current in the input string into the diode )
    Installation method: 4Pcs 3mm screw holes
    Module size : 70*36*13mm(L*W*H)
    Weight : 50 g

    Output voltage / current regulation method :
    1 , adjust potentiometer RV1 , according to your battery or LED, the output voltage is set to the voltage value you need . 10 LED string voltage regulator such as 37V.
    2 , clockwise adjustment potentiometer RV2 about 30 laps , the output current is set to a minimum , connected LED, adjust potentiometer RV2 to the desired current. After charging for battery , the battery fully discharged , and then to output , adjust to your desired current RV2 , ( be sure to use for charging batteries completely discharged before being allowed to transfer , because the battery power is left in the more , the charge current is smaller. )Please do not use the short-circuit current transfer mode , the circuit structure of the booster module can not be adjusted by way of a short circuit .

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